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Image by National Cancer Institute

Connecting Resources for a Healthier You.

Providing Health Care Systems and Employees with Flexibility.


Health Connection connects the health care systems needs with the talented employee market available with added flexibility that can meet both the healthcare provider and the employees needs.

Health Connect Advisors

Healthcare IT Recruiting that takes the stress out of the process for clients and candidates, providing both direct hire and contract staffing.

  • Jobseekers

  • Employers

Health Connect Direct

An hourly based resource for those who need temp work done remotely:

  • Virtual Jobs

  • Work-from-home

  • Cloud-Based Systems

  • Data & Analytics

Find the perfect fit for you!

Why Choose Us?

Health Connection allows healthcare companies access to conventional recruiting services and allows employees to connect to jobs that offer flexible hours. Can't dedicate 40 hours a week for a job? Apply Here

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